05 November 2009

Mister Potato Fiesta 2009


Mister Potato is having the #1 Mister Potato Contest at www.misterpotato.com.my. If you wish to win cash prizes totaling up to RM10,000, we would suggest you keep your eyes open. The #1 Mister Potato Contest consist of 8 stages of games where you take on a role of humble potato peeler in the Mister Potato’s organization. You have stumbled upon a series of secret steps to climb the corporate ladder and set to be the #1 Man in the Mister Potato Empire!


The first step you’ll have to do is to register for an account. Once you’re done with that, you’re one step closer to win the following prizes;

• 1st Prize – RM5,000
• 2nd Prize – RM3,000
• 3rd Prize – RM2,000

Now that the cash prizes have got your attention, we’ll share what else you need to do to win the prizes. There will be 8 different challenges in the #1 Mister Potato Contest which will give you a brief idea on how the crispy chips of Mister Potato are made. They include plucking potatoes,


Slicing potatoes,


Chip crunchiness audio test,


…and many more! At the end of the challenge, you’ll be given a chance to upload a picture of yourself dressed up as Mister Potato! Dress to your best as this will be a very important task to win the cash prizes! Once you’re done, you’ll need to wait until 29th November where the gallery page will be open for public voting until 5th December. During this period, rally your friends and family to vote for you as you’ll need all the votes you can get to attend the grand Mister Potato Fiesta of the year!!


50 contestants with the most votes by the end of the voting period will be given a pair of invites to join the Mister Potato Fiesta 2009 where the best 10 contestants will be pitted against each other to be crowned the grand winner for the #1 Mister Potato Contest!

So if you think you have what it takes to be the #1 Mister Potato, we strongly suggest you head on to www.misterpotato.com.my right now!

To add icing on the cake, Mister Potato is giving out an additional 50 pairs of invites along with a total of RM10,000 in cash prizes to Nuffnangers who wish to come and join the Mister Potato Fiesta 2009. All you have to do is;

1. Blog about the #1 Mister Potato Contest and title it ‘No Compromise for Mister Potato Fiesta 2009’.
2. Tell us why you do not compromise the quality in your potato chips.
3. Send an email to misterpotato@nuffnang.com with your Full Name, IC number, and permalink of your written post.

Show us how good is your gaming skills! Share your experience of not compromising for low quality goods. Write a story, sing a song, film a clip, do anything you want to express yourself. Do it well and you’ll be handsomely rewarded by Mister Potato.

The best 50 written blog posts will win the bloggers a pair of invites each to the Mister Potato Fiesta 2009 together with the 50 best contestants from the #1 Mister Potato Contest. The 3 most creative blog posts written (Pictures, music and videos will help!) will win the following prizes;

• Grand Prize – RM5,000
• 1st Runner Up – RM3,000
• 2nd Runner Up – RM2,000

Closing date for submission of blog post is by 11:59pm, 21 November 2009. Invites will be sent out to Nuffnang bloggers by 16 December 2009. All invites will require confirmation of attendance by attendees which will be stipulated in the invite itself. Attendees who fail to confirm their attendance in time will have their invites revoked. (Terms & Conditions Apply)

Just in case your eyes scrolled through this too fast, Mister Potato is giving out a total ofRM20,000 in cash prizes for you guys to grab! Make no mistake about it as this will be a good chance to prepare yourself for Christmas and 2010 New Year Celebration! Take part in the #1 Mister Potato Contest now at www.misterpotato.com.my.

Cepat-cepat..sapa berminat..leh try wei...best ni..~!!

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